Lars Toomre

Some Personal Thoughts and Trivia


No Room For Compromise In Spiritual Life

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In spiritual life there is no room for compromise. Awakening is not negotiable; we cannot bargain to hold on to things that please us while relinquishing things that do not matter to us. A lukewarm yearning for awakening is not enough to sustain us through the difficulties involved in letting go. It is important to understand that anything that can be lost was never truly ours, anything that we deeply cling to only imprisons us.

Author of A Path with Heart, p. 1993 (born 1945)

More Potential Than You Can Ever Develop

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No matter what the level of your ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime.

It Is Your First Attempt

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It does not matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have tried it before; it is important to realize that whatever you are doing, it is your first attempt at it.

American founder of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie brand (born 1936)

The Artist's Way Every Day - May 15th

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It is a spiritual law that the good of our projects and our growth as artists must rest in divine hands and not merely human ones. While we are led to and drawn from teacher to teacher, opportunity to opportunity, the Great Creator remains the ultimate source of all of our creative good. It is easy to forget this and make our agent or our manager or our current teacher the source of our "good." When we place our reliance on an under-girding of divine assistance, we are able to hear our clues clearly, thank those who step forward to aid us, release those who seem to impede us, and keep unfolding as artists with the faith that the Great Artist knows precisely what is best for us and can help us find our path, no matter how lost, distanced, or removed we may sometimes feel from our dream. In the heart of God, all things are close at hand, and this means our creative help support and success. As we ask, believe and are open to receive, we are gently led.

What Will I Learn To Make Me Better?

At the end of a matter ask, "What will I learn from this to make me better?"

American inspirational artist and author, including Live With Intention, p. 2010

Not A Matter Of Whether Someone Is Watching Over You

It is not a matter of whether or not someone is watching over you. It is just a question of their intentions.

Author of several webcomics: "Something Positive", "New Gold Dreams", and "Midnight Macabre"

Have To Do Your Own Growing

Blonde retired Norwegian long-distance runner Stine Larsen

You have got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

Any Loss Does Not Make Us Victims

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Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you, but they can not prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you are presented with and moving on. No matter where you are in life, no matter what your situation, you can always do something. You always have a choice and the choice can be power.

American author of The Power Principle: INFLUENCE WITH HONOR, p. 1997 (1946 - 2009)

Thought for Today: Remain Positive

Train tracks in Alabama stretch west into distance as an orange sun sets for day

If my mind is still enough, I can see the deeper meaning behind each situation. No matter how bad a problem may seem on the surface, if I remain positive eventually I will see how everything has worked out for the best.

Be Who You Are

Photograph of Theodor Seuss Geisel

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind.

Beloved creator of the Dr. Seuss books (1904 - 1991)

Daily Reflection: What Matters?

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When you are elderly, what will matter to you the most?

The Artist's Way Every Day - April 13th

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We are the Universe. We are made of it and it is made of us. If it is intelligent, we are intelligent. If it is wise and all-knowing, so are we. If it knows what is best for us, we too know what is best. These is no separation between God and us, God and matter. It is all consciousness. We are all consciousness. We are God dreaming God. We are God making God. We are creators co-creating the Universe. If we can trust the Universe, then we can trust ourselves. Even better, if we can trust ourselves, then we can trust the Universe.

Challenge Is To Find Silver Lining In Every Event

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We must assume every event has significance and contains a message that pertains to our questions... this especially applies to what we used to call bad things... the challenge is to find the silver lining in every event, no matter how negative.

Sometimes Things Just Do Not Work Out

Brunette British-American actress Catherine Bell wearing gold beads dress

No matter how big the glam squad, or how dramatic the dress, sometimes things just do not work out.

American recording artist and actress who rose to fame on American Idol (born 1981)

The Artist's Way Every Day - March 11th

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Where does this thought go? We start to chase our consciousness a little. We are roused out of our torpor, our ennui. Life becomes a matter of some interest and we become the interested bystanders and then the participants. All of this happens because we connect. All of this happens a page at a time, a pen stroke at a time. SCRATCH. Start from scratch. Just move your pen across the page and watch what happens to you.

The Artist's Way Every Day - March 6th

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Creativity is a lamp, not a candle. Something wants to write through us as badly as we want to write. Discovering this is a matter of time and patience.

Thought for Today: Mind Matters

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The most important part of you is your mind (not your brain — the brain is the hardware and the mind creates the software). Care for your mind, make friends with it, always feed it healthy food, engage it in positive activity, exercise it with knowledge and wisdom. Like a garden returns fragrance and beauty according to the care invested, so your mind will repay you with thoughts, ideas and visions of great beauty when tended and invested with care. Your mind is not made of matter but it does matter what you give it and what you create with it. Where your mind goes, you go. What your mind creates becomes your destiny.

The Artist's Way Every Day - March 3rd

Brunette beauty Jacqueline Bracamontes in bikini was Miss Universe Mexico 2002

In order to thrive as artists — and, one could argue, as people — we need to be available to the universal flow. When we put a stopper on our capacity for joy by anorectically desclining the small gifts of life, we turn aside the larger gifts as well. Those of us who have styumied the work flow completely will find ourselves in lives that feel barren and devoid of interest no matter how many meaningless things we have filled them with. What gives us true joy? That is the question to ask.

Things Can Still Be New

Blonde American novelist Candace Bushnell

Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder — no matter how old you became and how much you'd seen, things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.

Author of Lipstick Jungle, p. 2007

People Who Are Too Optimistic Seem Annoying

People who are too optimistic seem annoying. This is an unfortunate misinterpretation of what an optimist really is.

An optimist is neither naive, nor blind to the facts, nor in denial of grim reality. An optimist believes in the optimal usage of all options available, no matter how limited. As such, an optimist always sees the big picture. How else to keep track of all that’s out there? An optimist is simply a proactive realist.

An idealist focuses only on the best aspects of all things (sometimes in detriment to reality); an optimist strives to find an effective solution. A pessimist sees limited or no choices in dark times; an optimist makes choices.

When bobbing for apples, an idealist endlessly reaches for the best apple, a pessimist settles for the first one within reach, while an optimist drains the barrel, fishes out all the apples and makes pie.

Annoying? Yes. But, oh-so tasty!