Lars Toomre

Some Personal Thoughts and Trivia


Direct Our Attention To Something Outside Ourselves

Long-time American educator and first woman high school principal in California Ethel Percy Andrus

We learn the inner secret of happiness when we learn to direct our inner drives, our interest and our attention to something outside ourselves.

Long-time American educator and first woman high school principal in California (1884 - 1967)

Thought for Today: Self-Control

Old Mormon Barn peaks through winter mist at Grand Teton National Park

When things go wrong, our first thought is often about controlling the situations or people involved. But since neither the situations or people are in our hands, there is no success guaranteed with this way of thinking, which only increases the negativity. Instead of trying to control something I have no control upon, I need to start with myself. The more I am able to control myself with constant attention, checking and changing, the more I will have everything under control.

Thought for Today: Listen In

Twilight reflects of a bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Only when we find the quietness in our own minds can we begin to hear our inner teacher, so that we may receive some in-tuition. Only when we are ready to recognize and value the wisdom that we carry at the core of our being will we turn our attention inwards and 'listen in'. But it's been a long time since we truly listened, so a little practice and patience will be needed. Sit down, be quiet and listen in at some point today and you might be surprised at what you hear. Then do it again tomorrow. All you need to do is remember that you are the listener and not the noise.

The Artist's Way Every Day - April 7th

Blonde beauty Alize Lily Mounter (Miss England 2011) in a red swimsuit

If we will use writing to connect to ourselves, I believe we can connect across time and space and distance. I believe in the global village we are making, and I believe that in ordcer to make that village truly habitable, we will need to return to that page. We use the expression "I am paging him" when we speak of trying to get someone's attention to some busy intersection — a convention, an international airport, a large manufacturing concern. Our world, our global village, is all of these things, and if we want to get one another's attention, we do need to "page," in a slightly different sense that we need to write.

Heaven Definition From Devil's Dictionary

Brunette actress Delta Goodrem has a warm friendly smile

Heaven (noun) — A place where the wicked cease from troubling you with talk of their personal affairs, and the good listen with attention while you expound your own.

American journalist and fabulist best-known for his satirical lexicon The Devil's Dictionary (1842 - 1914)

Thought for Today: Comparison with Others

Single mangrove tree on empty plain under beautiful sunset

Comparing yourself with others will leave you vulnerable on three counts: you'll either feel inferior, superior or impressed. All three of these states are dangerous because they all disregard the underlying principle of our true connection with each other — mutual love and regard, based on independently generated self-esteem. To protect yourself from this vulnerability, make sure that your attention remains turned within, towards the spiritual experience of pure pride. Staying centred in your elevated self-respect will help you remain undisturbed by others around you. Keep asking yourself, "Who am I?" "How would my spiritual personality respond to this event or person?" this will help to centre you further, and allow you to enjoy the successful efforts of others.

Listen To The Melody Within Your Soul

Brunette American actress and model Angelica Celaya wearing pink shirt

There are choirs singing in your head.
If you listen, you will hear the music.
It is the song of angels.
Pay no attention to the sounds of the world.
They are just noises, and even when
added up all together
they have no value, make no sense.
Strain to hear the song of angels.
Listen to the melody within your soul.

American author of the series Conversations with God (born 1943)

The Artist's Way Every Day - March 8th

Brunette glamour model Holly Weber poses in yellow bikini at sunset

It takes an effort to be clear about things. It is easier and much sadder to be muddy, to never take the time to clarify our thoughts and connect to our own perceptions. The act of paying attention is what brings us peace. In mediation, we pay attention to the breath or to the image or to the mantra. We concentrate on something, and that concentration, that stillness, brings us to the point of knowing that we are all right, that God is in his heaven and all is right with the world — even if we believe in no God and no heaven. The act of concentration is that powerful, that filled with blessings.

Thought for Today: Peace Is Simplicity

Paris in blue light at sunset on one of the rare evenings of recent snowfall

Peace is simplicity. Simplicity is beauty. Choose a day as your day of simplicity. Speak little, and listen with attention. Do something incognito and nice for a person you are close to. Eat simple and natural food. Create time periods for not doing anything — just walk, look around, live the moment. Have your mind open to a more profound and silent sensitivity. Appreciate each scene and each person as they are. In the evening, write down your discoveries. Observe the state of your mind.

Path Of Continual Attention And Improvement

Blonde beauty Erika Frantzve smiles as Miss Arizona USA 2012

Excellence is not a destination to be arrived at, but a path of continual attention and improvement.

Thought for Today: Simplicity Is Beauty

Simple beauty of a Norwegian fjord rising up to mountain and blue sky

Peace is simplicity. Simplicity is beauty. Choose a day as your day of simplicity. Speak little, and listen with attention. Do something incognito and nice for a person you are close to. Eat simple and natural food. Create time periods for not doing anything $mdash just walk, look around, live the moment. Have your mind open to a more profound and silent sensitivity. Appreciate each scene and each person as they are. In the evening, write down your discoveries. Observe the state of your mind.

The Artist's Way Every Day - January 8th

Brunette model Janina Frostell poses wearing a white bikini by a tree

It is never too late to start over. It is never past the point of no return for our artist to recover. We can heap years, decades, a lifetime of insult upon our artist and it is so resilient, so powerful, and so stubborn that it will come back to life when we give it the smallest opportunity. We can help ourselves by coaxing our artist out with the promise of some protected time to be listened to, talked with, and interacted with. If we actively love our artist, our artist will love us in return. Lovers tell secrets and share dreams. Lovers meet no matter how adverse the circumstances, sneaking off for a rendezvous. As we woo our artist with our focused attention and private time, it will reward us with art.

Thought for Today: Power To Tolerate

The peaks of Grand Teton National Park against a very blue sky and lake

You have the power to tolerate anyone and any situation. But tolerance is not just suffering in silence. It means going beyond any personal discomfort you may feel, and giving a gift to whom ever you would tolerate. Give your time, attention, understanding, compassion, care - all are gifts, which paradoxically, you also receive in the process of giving. And, as you do, you will experience your own self-esteem and inner strength grow. In this way you can turn tolerance into strength.

Thought for Today: Subtle Aspects of Anger

Giant wooden clip graces Chaudfontaine Park in Belgium by Mehmet Ali Uysal

How can we free ourselves from subtle aspects of anger? Keep the aim of making your each and every day — your every moment — victorious. Think: this day, these hours and minutes, will not come again. We can’t lose another second on this; our immediate attention is needed! If we are still thinking about something we don’t need to be thinking about, it means we are still wasting time and energy.

Thought for Today: All Are Significant

Large tiger and her two cubs snuggle together

In life you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say "Hello".

Thought for Today: The Secret Ingredient

A boardwalk curves off into the distance under puffy clouds

When we're cooking, our minds are working. When we're stirring and rolling and baking, we're thinking. Thinking creates vibrations because that's what thoughts do. The vibes affect both the food and the people who eat the food. So, cook with care; pay attention to what you are thinking; and don't forget that in the best of recipes, love is the secret ingredient.

Thought for Today: The Spiritual Aspect Of Healthcare

Silence, pure thoughts and happiness contribute to healthy life near this lake

Silence, happiness, love and blessings are important aspects. Happiness leads to good health. It is only you who can give this medicine to yourself. Some bring illness to themselves through anger, greed, unfullfilled desires, expectations, suppression of feelings and relationships not based on true love. Look in your heart, you will know where your illness comes from. There are three ingredients for a long and healthy life: live with attention but without worry; use time in a worthwhile way; keep your thoughts pure, positive and filled with strength.

Thought for Today: The Secret of Good Health

Flow like a flowing brook is a secret to good physical and mental health

The secret of good health is good nourishment and exercise. We need daily nourishing food and exercise to maintain a healthy body and it takes care and attentiom to fulfil this responsibility. Making the effort underlines our value and importance as a human being. However, the human spirit needs the same attention in the form of the thoughts we have and how the mind puts them to use. Feeding both body and mind with nourishing food gives a powerful and consistent message to respect and co-operate with one another. This is holistic good health.

Thought for Today: Complete Everything

Complete everything before the day' sun sets under red coulds

A task left undone remains undone in two places — at the actual location of the task, and inside your head. Incomplete tasks in your head consume the energy of your attention as they gnaw at your conscience. They syphon off a little more of your personal power every time you delay. No need to be a perfectionist, that's debilitating in an imperfect world, but it's good to be a 'completionist'. If you start it, finish it...or forget it. Do it - or dump it!

The Artist's Way Every Day - October 30th

Brunette Catrina Stella in red and white striped bikini

As an artist, I do best when reaching for humility. I must be willing to be just a worker among workers, just an artist among artists. Competition has no place in in this scenario. Competition creates stress. Stress creates constriction and constriction creates block. Think of your artist as an emotional youngster. For that youngster, it's scary to be the center of attention. The glare of the spotlight can create the paralysis of block. To function freely as an artist, I must take the focus off of winning, off of being the brightest and the best. I must give up such ego-driven notions as being "fascinating" and "brilliant." I need a safe, critic-free arena in which to do my work. Then, with the ground rules in place, I must gently go forward.