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Contact Information for Toomre Capital Markets LLC

There are various ways to contact Toomre Capital Markets LLC ("TCM"). Many readers use this contact form to send a private e-mail to TCM. Those interested in contacting members of the more extended Toomre family can find the appropriate contact information by double-clicking on the appropriate pin(s) on this Google Map.

The generic electronic mail address for Toomre Capital Markets LLC is Info AT The main telephone number for Toomre Capital Markets LLC changed at the beginning of 2008 and now is (203) 321-9039. Toomre Capital Markets LLC was formed in April 2003 and remains registered in the State of Connecticut. The company itself may be reached by US Postal mail at 56 Nursery Street, Norwalk, CT 06850.

The principals of Toomre Capital Markets LLC are generally off working at client sites which vary from assignment to assignment. Hence, for further information, please contact them via Lars Toomre as follows:

Lars Toomre
Telephone: (203) 424-0490
Electronic Mail: Lars AT

The adult members of the larger Toomre clan can all be reached by electronic mail. To facilitate such contact, the Toomre family map is linked to the various methods of contact when one double-clicks on the map pin for that particular Toomre family member. Alternatively, one can send a generic e-mail to the electronic mail address of Family AT