Toomre Capital Markets LLC

Real-Time Capital Markets -- Analytics, Visualization, Event Processing, and Intelligence

About Toomre Capital Markets LLC

Toomre Capital Markets (“TCM”) is a financial engineering consultancy that applies computational finance, risk management, structured products and advanced technology to help businesses optimize Economic Value Added.

TCM strives to be the premier partner to the select few, who professionally and intellectually embrace the concept of Economic Value Added ("EVA"). In today’s swiftly evolving/ consolidating Capital Markets, information flows at heightened levels of insistence and intensity. TCM and its clients must constantly strive to transform raw data- people, securities, organizations, holdings, exposures, risks, prices, products and their interrelationships – into knowledge. We must learn to drink from the proverbial “spewing fire hydrant of information flow”; then turn that knowledge into VALUE! This is a continuous process for all involved because the minute you think you know something cold, the markets have a befuddling habit of teaching you just how much more you have to learn.

Toomre Capital Markets LLC is a premier financial engineering firm specializing in the converging world of asset, liability and liquidity markets. TCM’s Directors are keenly focused on providing high EVA solutions to their clients.

Our superior services are delivered to investment managers, hedge funds, insurance and reinsurance companies, private equity boutiques, leveraged and specialty finance concerns and commercial and investment banking firms, as well as information providers, software, hardware and professional firms servicing the complex world of modern Capital Markets and structured finance. TCM was formed to solve strategic business problems requiring extremely competent experts who are also well rounded. TCM’s analysis and issue resolution soars beyond the intellectual in resolving highly sensitive business problems.

TCM culture strongly attracts ‘information carnivores’. Deep intellectual curiosity intersects dynamically with our broad range of experience. We strive to attract those who can seamlessly weave their often unique knowledge, expertise and passion into a greater tapestry. We are geared to meet today’s thorniest challenges. We have gathered ‘the best and the brightest’, -- professionals with well-rounded intuition and a passion for making an impact. The TCM Team is bold but grounded. We are strong on character, ingenuity and intuition. TCM’s whole significantly exceeds the sum of its parts.

We have truly “been there/done that”. The TCM Team has held key “head of business” positions at numerous leading Capital Markets firms including Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Union Bank of Switzerland, Met Life, Munich Re, General Electric, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, as well as several prominent hedge funds, including SAC Capital and Ellington Partners.

Our members have led project teams for prime financial advisory firms such as Standard and Poor’s, KPMG and NetRisk. We have navigated some of the more sensitive financial problems of the past twenty-five years in an extremely confidential, efficient and creative manner. In fact, many of these projects cannot be discussed in anything more than the vaguest terms due to confidentiality and legal restrictions, even years after their completion.

Business ethics play a critical role in the manner in which TCM provides products and services. We have forged TCM to partner with our clients and are attuned to the extreme sensitivity of their requirements. We focus on putting our shoulders to our clients’ wheels, wielding the tools of financial engineering to make the most of opportunities disguised as problems.

We, the team at Toomre Capital Markets LLC, like working together and with the select few who have the courage to deal with the problems, confront the issues, make the tough decisions and then efficiently execute the resulting choices, thereby creating superior EVA.