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Zero Days of Trading Loss in Goldman Sachs 2010 Q1

The market making results of Goldman Sachs are simply amazing!! According to its recently filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the first quarter of 2010, Goldman Sachs had zero trading days where it lost money from its trading activities!! Toomre Capital Markets LLC ("TCM") is stunned by this news.

Chart of Goldman Sachs 2010 Q1 Daily Net Trading RevenuesAccording to the filing, on more than half of the 63 trading days in the quarter, it recorded more than a hundred million dollars in net revenues for that day!! Further, with the understanding that 76% of the firm's $9.7 billion in revenues came from trading activities, the average net revenue for each day was approximately $117 million — and on at least twelve of those days, the net revenues were north of $160 million!!

The chart to the left is from the Zero Hedge blog and their post Unfuckingbelievable: Goldman Has Zero Trading Loss Days In Last Quarter. As that post states, "The statistic probability of this event is itself statistically undefined." TCM whole-heartedly agrees that these results are unbelievable. Utilizing classic risk management measures, one could even argue that Goldman Sachs was not taking enough risk since it never experienced a penny of loss!!